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Hello, everyone, I am Rehan, CEO and Founder of The Virus-Limiter. I am currently 10 years old and I have taken part in tons of Hack-A-Thons, notably The Global Hack and World Hackathon Day. “Everyone has an idea, but only some choose to take it forward”  I believe that everyone has an idea, but that only some people choose to take their ideas forward. I see hackathons as a great platform to get solutions organized and heard, especially during the logistical problems of a lockdown. “The government has good ideas, but there are 1.2 billion people in India alone, so that’s 1.2 billion chances of getting the right idea.” I encourage more people to have the courage to share their ideas. I usually say that “Instead of just chilling at your house and playing Fortnite, give something back. Everybody has knowledge to give back.”

You may be asking “How did you get involved in the tech world?” Well one day, in 1st grade my teacher gave me homework that asked about what I wanted to be when I grow up. I thought for hours and hours about what I wanted to be, first I thought Gamer, then I saw a video of Elon Musk introducing the CyberTruck. Then I had a brainwave, why can’t I become one of those people? In 5th grade the IB board hosts something called PYP-X, in which you have to display what you’ve learnt in the past 5 years by making a project. So this was where I got to test out my entrepreneur skills first. Then came HackTheCrisisIndia and so on. Over the time, The Virus-Limiter has gotten better and better.

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Rehan Raj

“Everyone has an idea, but only some choose to take it forward” 

– Rehan Raj

Wanna use our chat bot on your phone? Just scan the QR code above!


Rehan is currently learning JavaScript and ChatBot coding


Rehan is well-known by people around the globe


Rehan has many ideas that can help the world in many ways.


Rehan’s speaking skills have made him the winner of his school’s annual M.U.N. (Model United Nations).

The ChatBot QR code link

Rehan has recently developed a chatbot for The Virus-Limiter Company. This is in Beta stage, as Rehan has just learnt how to code ChatBots.

Rehan Raj

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